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1. The Hufflepuff common room is by far the noisiest of the four houses. Even if they seem quiet or shy around the rest of their classmates, Hufflepuffs are at home with their friends and family, and in their common room they can abandon their social inhibitions. The doorways to the dormitories are even charmed to be soundproof because it’s not uncommon for groups of Hufflepuffs to stay up, having loud conversations and laughing, until the very early hours of the morning.

2. Hufflepuffs are big on sharing. They share everything. There’s a table in their common room that is full of communal snacks that the older students purchase from Hogsmeade or smuggle in from meals or the kitchens. Snacks will always be given in Hufflepuff House to those who ask.

3. They’re crafty. Not Slytherin Imma-trick-you’s crafty. They just like to make things. Like they share snacks, they also have a communal cache of crafting supplies. During those long hours they stay up talking and joking around with each other, they’ll be making anything from knitted scarfs to paper chains to banners and pennants for Quidditch games. They even make them for the other houses and hand them out before games. It’s a tradition to decorate the doors to dorm rooms every year.

4. Speaking of traditions, the Hufflepuff community thrives on them. The prefects give more or less the same speech every year; Nymphadora Tonks heard the same one that Hannah and Ernie did, she went to the same Every-Monday-Night-Craft-Nights that they did, she decorated her dorm door like they did, and she even knows several inside jokes that they do despite the fact that she graduated the year before they arrived. Age doesn’t matter to Hufflepuffs; they’re all family, always.

5. Specific to the events of the series, they had some ridiculous Cedric Diggory pride rallies during the Triwizard Tournament. They sometimes got really out of hand to the point where it made Cedric uncomfortable - like the “Potter Stinks” badges they produced once. Cedric asked them to stop many times, but the Hufflepuffs were so intensely proud of their champion that they couldn’t contain themselves. To say his death hit them hard would be the worst understatement; every single member of the house was personally devastated at the loss of their friend. Nearly every Hufflepuff who stayed to fight at the battle of Hogwarts will say that they laid down their lives because that’s what Cedric did for them. The evening of his death, every member of Hufflepuff house crowded into the common room to light a candle in memory of Cedric - a candle which remains magically lit to this day.

I’ll do the other houses in a bit!

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Because froggydarren gets some weird perverse pleasure in tagging me…you get my Top 5 OTPS!

None of which will come as a surprise to any of you, I am sure.

1. Klaine (Kurt & Blaine from Glee)image

2. Caskett (Castle and Beckett from Castle)


3. Mondler (Chandler and Monica from Friends)


4. Swarkles (Barney and Robin from How I Met Your Mother)


5. Raveast (Raven and Beast Boy from Teen Titans)


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